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January 16, 2019

Igathe made us look like quitters, youths says after split from Sonko

A file photo of Polycarp Igathe while in office as Vivo Energy managing director. /Andrew Kasuku
A file photo of Polycarp Igathe while in office as Vivo Energy managing director. /Andrew Kasuku

Youths are disappointed with Polygarp Igathe for resigning as Nairobi deputy governor.

Under the Kenya Coalition for Political Progress, they complained on Saturday that Igathe "made us look like quitters".

In an address to the press in Nairobi, chairperson James Mwangi said Igathe should have considered all options in his bid for a good relationship with governor Mike Sonko

Igathe announced his resignation on Friday saying he could not gain Sonko's trust. He resigned as Vivo Energy managing director to become deputy governor and was the first person of his position to resign.

He has been criticised by people including lawyers Ahmednasir Abdullahi and Miguna MIguna.

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Mwangi said: "Igathe has failed every aspect of human intelligence evaluation. He should have carefully studied the City Hall political administrative and cartel ecosystem, and adapted.

"Neither the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change, according to the Dawrnian theory survival."

The chairman said Igathe's exit can only be compared to the story of Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua and Danson Mungatana.

He noted Karua thrived as Justice minister but that this is no longer the case, yet she and Mungatana "had the support of people who believed in them".

Mwangi called on Jubilee Party to set up a system for addressing political feuds to prevent public fallout that could weaken the party.

"Jubilee needs to strengthen its weak internal dispute resolution mechanism and have mechanisms including one for disciplinary action. In a party of democratic governance, such a resignation is totally unacceptable."

Parliament is seeking to enact a law on mechanisms for filling a vacancy in the office of the deputy governor, in a bid to address the gaps in the constitution.

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