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December 14, 2018

Corridors of Power

ICT Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang'i at the press conference yesterday.
ICT Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang'i at the press conference yesterday.

INTERIOR Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has in his transformation agenda unknowingly created a new opportunity for school principals to make easy money. Well. Principals are excited as they now have another avenue of making a killing after the CS ordered that all school buses be repainted yellow – by March 30. Market pricing indicates that it takes at least Sh200,000 to repaint an average 40-seater school bus. But who will shoulder the cost of this knee-jerk decision, Mr Matiang’i? Well, vulnerable parents, of course, unless the NYS is lined up to do the job with funds from the Treasury.


IS it a game of use-and-dump? Well, a Woman Representative from Western Kenya could be guilty of the adage “power corrupts...” Barely four months after narrowly winning the seat, the flashy Rep has apparently morphed into a beast, shunning all those who supported her during the General Election. She has employed her cronies and relatives, including her nieces and nephews, in key positions in her county and Nairobi offices at the expense of campaigners who tirelessly worked for her sweet victory. Some frustrated women from her campaign team now want the NCIC to probe her over nepotism.


TWO powerful directors at a lucrative water board are in a steamy love affair that is now threatening to bring official activities to a standstill. Both are separately married and use their illegal and illicit bond to frustrate activities and even demand favours from management. One of the directors is married to a Judiciary official and is notorious for demanding contracts at the board, occasioning obvious conflict of interest. Concerned staffers want Water CS Eugene Wamalwa to rein in the lovebirds.


A flamboyant Jubilee governor from Mt Kenya has turned out to be a shameless man. He has reportedly developed an insatiable appetite for women, whom he prefers to confer favours on, not his friends. It’s said that the man, who saw three of his girlfriends nominated as MCAs, has gone ahead to reward several women he once allegedly dated with plum appointments. Those in the know say the women are calling the shots and telling anyone that they can have them sacked or transferred from their jobs. His cronies say he accuses State House operatives of meddling in his job when he is the one to blame, in fact.


A shisha dealer with good contacts in the police is a happy man after it was banned. He says in a few weeks shisha prices will skyrocket, fetching big profits. He was in a coffee shop, where he had gone to meet a top city cop.

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