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March 20, 2018

SGR payout for landowners on path in Suswa – Swazuri

National Land Commission chair Mohammed Swazuri is being welcome by the residents of Suswa in a meeting with land owners at Duka Moja area in Narok East Sub County on Wednesday.
National Land Commission chair Mohammed Swazuri is being welcome by the residents of Suswa in a meeting with land owners at Duka Moja area in Narok East Sub County on Wednesday.

The NLC has assured residents they will be fully compensated for land required for the SGR line in Suswa, Narok county.

Commission chairman Muhammad Swazuri said about 77 landowners who occupy the 120km stretch will be compensated as soon as valuation is completed.

Speaking at Duka Moja on Wednesday after meeting residents, Swazuri said the government valuer will consider the soil value, developments on the land and the value of trees before recommending compensation

He faulted Chinese contractors for “invading” the land without notifying the owners.

“The commission had planned to start the process of compensation immediately after the launch of the programme by President Uhuru Kenyatta in October 2016,” he said.

It was suspendedr a ruling by the Environment and Land Court,” Swazuri said.

He assured landowners they will be paid money or given an equivalent alternative land once ownership and valuation are determined.

“We will compensate landowners whether they have title deeds or not, as long as they prove they are the rightful owners,” Swazuri said. Commissioner Silas Kinoti said the compensation will be guided by the law and the commission will work with chiefs to ensure everyone is compensated.


He urged residents to use the money wisely, saying most beneficiaries from Phase One payouts squandered the money and ended up worse than they were.

Kinoti said in disputes, the commission will hold money in the commission’s account until the family or community agrees.

“The money can stay in our accounts for as long as 10 years, but will not earn any interest, so the sooner you get the money, the better,” he said. Kalembe Munyes, who allegedly owns 10 acres, said the valuer should consider the fact Suswa is rich ground because of the presence of Mt Suswa, the Geothermal Development Company and an industrial park.


He said the government should compensate them well as they had not planned to sell.

Last weekend, residents staged demonstrations and accused the Chinese company - Chinese Communications and Construction Company - of failing to hire them for construction.

On Tuesday, the Narok security team, led by county commissioner Moffat Kangi met to solve, the problem between the community around Duka Moja and the contractor.Residents walked out.

Residents walked out of the meeting.

They demanded Sh10 million compensation following the killing of a man by a police officer last week during protests. They also demanded the removal of SGR site human resource manager Alfred Musila for allegedly discriminating against locals when hiring.




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