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January 19, 2018

New rules will kill our business, driving school owners tell state

The Kenya Driving Schools Association Central region chairman Phillip Kariuki addresing journalists in Murang'a town on Wednesday.
The Kenya Driving Schools Association Central region chairman Phillip Kariuki addresing journalists in Murang'a town on Wednesday.

Owners of driving schools in Central Kenya have asked the state not to implement the new curriculum, saying it may kill their businesses.

Speaking in Murang’a town on Wednesday, they said it is too demanding.

Chairman Phillip Kariuki accused the National Transport and Safety Authority of breaching an order by a Nakuru court barring it from implementing the new system.

They said the new system is too expensive. Kariuki said it is unreasonable for a learner to be taught one category of vehicle at a time and pay afresh to train for another after four years.

“A learner will require close to Sh100,000 to be trained on all categories of vehicles. This is unreasonable,” he said.

no licences

The requirement for driving schools to have a manoeuvre yard of 1.8 acres is irrational and aimed at maiming the sector, Kariuki said.

He praised the state for making efforts to curb road carnage, but said driving schools are not responsible for accidents.

“Our role is to train drivers. Whatever happens on the roads is the responsibility of drivers,” Kariuki said.

Driving schools are unfairly bearing the brunt. The state may lose millions of shillings if driving schools are driven out of business, he said.

“These are private businesses that employ thousands of Kenyans, who may lose their jobs,” Kariuki said.

He said the NTSA should have consulted them to ensure the rules are fair. The new training system is too expensive to implement.

Driving school owner Joseph Nderitu accused the NTSA of failing to process driving licences since last April, giving room to wayward people to issue counterfeits. He said NTSA officials are not trained to examine new drivers.

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