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October 19, 2018

'Know anyone selling an aeroplane?' Ringtone wants to fly high this year


Ringtone had a mixed year in 2017. After releasing 'Tenda Wema' with Christina Shusho, he lay low, and you would not be remiss to wonder what he was up to. But the man came out with a powerful social media post speaking about how levels had changed in his life.

Ringtone wrote: "Kindly, if you know anyone selling an aeroplane, levels have changed, this is 2018."

When asked if he was serious about buying a new plane and that the post was not a stunt, he responded thus:

“I have just come from Wilson Airport from viewing one."

He added,“I am torn between buying a caravan or a Eurocopter. I am deciding I have seen one which I have liked, but I am looking to see more," Ringtone said.

He is torn between buying a plane or a helicopter. A small used Caravan can go for as low as Sh3 million, while a used Cessna 182 costs about Sh10 million. So it is possible to buy the plane even in this economy.

The helicopter is, however, much more expensive, with the cheapest being about Sh70 million. And that is a secondhand price!

Why would he be in this sort of quandary? Is it the money? Nooooo! Ringtone is a businessman. He says he wants to use whatever he buys to also bring him income while he isn’t using it.

He said, “Unajua mimi nataka kununua kitu hata mimi nitategeneza pesa nayo.” 

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