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January 19, 2019

Arrest MCAs who ejected Kamusinga head, cops told

The school administration block. PHOTOS JOHN NALIANYA
The school administration block. PHOTOS JOHN NALIANYA

The Bungoma MCAs who stormed Friends School Kamusinga and ejected the new principal will be arrested, county commissioner Joshua Chepchieng’ said yesterday.

Four MCAs on Wednesday physically removed principal Alex Maina. They called him a “failure” who was transferred from an underperforming school and would lower standards.

The MCAs are Luke Opwora, Aggrey Mulongo, Elvis Abuka and Stephen Wafula.

Chepchieng’ said he instructed police to ensure the MCAs and youths with them are nabbed and charged. “We will arrest them all. Kamusinga is not a village funeral, which they can storm and bring in their petty politics,” he told the Star on the phone.

Maina took over from Edwin Namachanja who had been at the national school school since 2010.


Chepchieng’ said police who rescued the principal should have arrested everyone who invaded the compound. “We are looking for them,” Chepchieng’ said.

On Wednesday the MCAs went to the school while students were in class, ejected Maina and padlocked his office. Chepchieng’ said the county’s only education functions are vocational institutes and early childhood education, including nursery schools.

“Let them concentrate on improving ailing nursery schools and vocational institutes and stop interfering with a state function,” he said.

He said any politician interested in deciding on school management should build a private school instead of dictating who the government transfers.

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati also opposes mass transfer of secondary school heads who have remained in their posts for nine years.


Chepchieng’ said police are deployed to all schools whose head teachers have been transferred to ensure safety. “We will no longer entertain village politics, we will ensure that everything runs smoothly,” he said.

Transfers were ordered to prevent school heads from becoming too cozy with suppliers, to introduce new ideas to keep teachers ‘fresh’ and promote communal diversity.

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