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October 19, 2018

Kelele Takatifu broke to do 'solo projects'

Didi Man
Didi Man

Former Kelele Takatifu member Didi Man has explained why Moji Short Baba and him decided to go separate ways.

They had ruled the music industry with their energy and well-crafted songs for a long time, and their split came as a shock to their fans.

Speaking to Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru, Didi said they both have different talents and projects they wanted to pursue.

"We just had to take a short break for some time and do solo projects because we realised that we need to try and concentrate on our individual strengths. Like Moji is a really good MC, as people know, and he's also very good host, and being in a group, it's very hard to try and explore those avenues; but now it's easy for him.

"And for me, I'm a song arranger and I do other things like working with a children's home, and so we decided let's concentrate on these stuff. So there's no drama between us," Didi said.

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