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October 21, 2018

'Rabbit, stop mocking me!' Jimwat tells King Kaka

Legendary Genge rapper Jimwat is saddened by what he termed mockery from fellow rapper King Kaka.

Jimwat, who is well known for the songs 'Under 18' and 'Sitoi Kitu Kidogo', woke up to King Kaka mentioning him on his new song for refusing to give the Kaka Empire CEO a collabo when he was an upcoming artiste.

King Kaka says in his Angels song:

"Jimwat alininyima collabo, Mejja pia na Jua."

Well, Jimwat has released a song that seems to be hitting back at King Kaka, called 'Blunder'.

We reached out to the 'Mpaka Che' hitmaker, who admitted that he indeed refused to collabo with King Kaka. He says he did not expect Kaka to take everything personal to the point of putting it in a song.

"Najaribu kusort hiyo issue ya kama nilimnyima collabo, which is true, he was an upcoming artiste, so along the way nikijaribu kumake my comeback, nilienda Kaka Empire na walinizungusha sana. So the time alinitaja nilifeel nikama ananimock... Ilikua issue yetu kivyetu na akaiweka public."

He added:

"Vile hawa watu wanaclaim they're the kings of 254, ngoja watu wakucrown, wakuambie we ni King. Si ati unaamka tu siku moja juu uko na hit unasema wewe ni King..."

However, the singer had gone missing in action for years, saying he took time out for family reasons.

'I have a lovely daughter, I've been taking care of her.'

He added:

'You know I was fighting drug addiction and I'm happy to announce that I have four years of soberness now.'

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