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December 11, 2018

Let’s focus on services not 2022


One of Aesop’s most popular animal stories translated by George Townsend is that of a thirsty and ingenious crow.

A crow perishing with thirst saw a pitcher, and hoping to find water, flew to it with delight. When he reached it, he discovered to his grief that it contained so little water that he could not possibly get at it.

He tried everything he could think of to reach the water but all his efforts were in vain. At last he collected as many stones as he could carry and dropped them one by one with his beak into the pitcher, until he brought the water within his reach and thus saved his life.

Why am I starting today’s column with this story?

It is because the story has two key lessons. The first is that we can choose to give up and end up miserable and probably dead. The second, which is the basis of my article today, is that we must work hard for us to achieve what we want.

Kenyans today are looking up to the leaders they put in office to deliver, not only on their campaign promises but also on the needs of the mwananchi. However, there are leaders who have decided they will not focus or exercise this mandate diligently.

If there is one thing that stood out in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s New Year address to the nation it was his commitment to work. The President promised Kenyans he would use each day of 2018 to work and serve for the betterment of all Kenyans.

He went ahead to call on leaders, and especially his Cabinet, to focus on service delivery. Specifically, he promised to unveil his Cabinet, which he said must have men and women of integrity and efficiency.

Due to the work the President’s first administration has put in since 2013, his words cannot be taken lightly. His Cabinet will have the important role of implementing his Big Four in cementing his legacy.

This second administration must deliver on better housing, improved healthcare and food security, and ensure that the President achieves his aspirations for all Kenyans. It is a daunting task for those who will make it to Uhuru’s second administration, but this is something that must be done.

At least 46 million Kenyans are looking up to the President to ensure their lives and those of future generations are secure. There will be no second-guessing when the time comes to deliver on the four-point agenda, as all Kenyans expect results.

Kenyans, being hardworking and paying up to Sh1.4 trillion in taxes, will expect the government to deliver on all sectors. Despite the political divide, they are looking up to the government to meet their aspirations, regardless of where they are.

Whether one is NASA or Jubilee, we all expect to go to public hospitals that are equipped and staffed; use roads that are well carpeted; we all want our children to go to schools that have enough and motivated teachers with the necessary equipment; and an environment that will ensure we all earn a decent living.

It is so unfortunate that most leaders have started campaigning for 2022 after being elected, without having even started a project where they were elected. Instead of focusing on delivering for the public that elected them, leaders are thinking of how they will retain power in 2022.

There seems to an obsession with discussing, planning and positioning for the 2022 election, rather than delivering services to residents. Can’t leaders read the mood and know Kenyans are tired of politics and want services?

The next Cabinet and all leaders entrusted with positions by Kenyans must do everything possible to transform this country.

Let’s put aside all other preoccupations and focus on service delivery.

Waikenda is a political and communications consultant


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