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December 11, 2018

Raverend Juice: Dennis Oliech discovers catfish is not just a delicacy at Mama Oliech

Dennis Oliech.
Dennis Oliech.

Former Harambee Stars captain Dennis Oliech is a bitter man after he was catfished on FB and IG by an imposter... The catfish, who posed as NRM leader Raila Odinga's son Junior, pounced on the unsuspecting Oliech with a lucrative government tender deal...  

Oliech, who is struggling to make ends meet, jumped on the deal without thinking twice... He has been having private messages with the catfish for two years, thinking he's talking to the former Prime Minister's son....

Oliech lost a substantial amount of cash to the con artist after the catfish introduced him to the guy who was to help him secure the deal... So once Oliech was given the fake number of the connect, the catfish went for the kill, asking Oliech to send the facilitation fee via Mpesa... The moment the cash was sent, the catfish account blocked the former skipper, plus the phone number went mteja! Leaving the former professional footballer kwa Malights!


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