30 houses buried in Makueni landslide after heavy rains

One of the houses in Makueni county that was destroyed by floods on Monday night. /MUTUA KAMETI
One of the houses in Makueni county that was destroyed by floods on Monday night. /MUTUA KAMETI

Thirty families were left homeless following a landslide in Makueni county on Tuesday.

Kilungu police boss Zacharia Bitok confirmed this and

rubbished reports that some of the victims were buried alive.

"Houses were damaged in different locations but there were no casualties. Roads are impassable," Bitok told the Star.

He said the government advised residents to relocate to higher and safer places.

Residents asked the government

to help with evacuations amid rescue operations.

Via Twitter, Red Cross said: "Flash floods reported in Makueni after heavy downpour overnight. Red Cross action team activated to conduct assessment and help move locals to safer areas."

A chopper believed to have been dispatched from Nairobi for evacuations landed briefly in Wote town.

Earlier, five families in Woolwa village in Nzaui sub-county called for evacuation after river Muooni burst its banks.

The waters swept through the village submerging a number of houses following a heavy downpour.

Sources said villagers climbed trees from where they made phone calls for help.

One told the Star that

he could not trace his family members who stay in the affected village.

"We attempted to rescue them but we were unable

to access

the village. We appeal for immediate help for our neighbours."

In Nunguni village, Kilungu sub-county, 37 homes have been affected by mudslides that left three people with injuries.

"The mudslides toppled trees, demolished some houses and covered roads with a thick layer of mud, rendering

most of them impassable," Kaiti MPJoshua Kimilu said.

He said one man was taken to Makueni Level 4 Hospital with a broken leg after his house was party damaged by mud.

Two women were taken to the facility after getting injured as toilets sank.

On April 22, a

woman and her daughter died after a dam overflowed with floodwaters.

The dam supplies water in Wote town, Makueni county.

The two died after the water destroyed their house in Kamunyolo village

following heavy rains.

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