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February 20, 2019

Jubilee, ODM affair a poisoned chalice

Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi with Jessica Mbalu after their election to the Parliamentary Accounts Committee as chairman and vice chairperson respectively on December 18, 2017. /Jack Owuor
Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi with Jessica Mbalu after their election to the Parliamentary Accounts Committee as chairman and vice chairperson respectively on December 18, 2017. /Jack Owuor

Jubilee’s budding ‘love’ for ODM MPs is not compassionate. Jubilee is not consoling MPs from a rival party, which claims it has been cheated out of power four times in a decade. This love is a poisoned chalice. The camaraderie is not an attempt to reconcile a polarised Parliament. This power-inspired flirting comes with deliberate, and deliberated on legislative puppetry. The card has been pulled out of Jubilee’s Uhuru Succession Situation Room.

The puppeteer is familiar with the temper of village rats. The manager of the orchestra also seems to have a peasant background. The villager in this person has been weaponised for a political agenda. The rat temper is influencing the voting patterns for leadership of parliamentary House committees. When rats want to feast on cracked feet from barefoot trek on thorn-littered village paths, they do not come rioting like mosquitoes.

The cheeky rodents approach stealthily, gently, and with love to the victim of their appetite. A rat will try to bite a slice of your foot, but when you shake like you are waking up to disrupt the meal, they pamper. They blow air on to your foot, like a lullaby. A baby sleep, sleep, kind of tune. Once asleep, the rat will resume the party.

In NASA MPs and senators, Jubilee sees a pack of hungry wolves. The MPs are looking for someone who can bestow money and office on them. Some of the MPs were around during the rigged elections of 2007 and 2013. Twice cheated in the 2017 elections, the MPs are impatient. Jubilee knows it is impossible to lock up hungry wolves in a stable. The wolves will break out to hunt on their own.

Some are already doing this in Parliament, even without knowing they are pawns in the 2022 succession rancour. There is this thing called ODM ‘tyranny’ over its NASA partner parties. Ford Kenya, ANC and Wiper are complaining. They say ODM is claiming more than its fair share of membership and leadership of House committees.

The House Minority Leader is ODM chairman John Mbadi. The Minority Chief Whip is ODM’s Suna East MP Junet Mohamed. Wiper, ANC, and Ford-K say ODM is using its numerical advantage to ‘bully’ its partners.

Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi edged out ANC’s Sakwa Bunyasi, with the support of Jubilee MPs, to take the chairmanship of the strategic Public Accounts Committee. Wandayi was ejected from the House for seven months during the last Parliament for spiting President Uhuru.

Wandayi is vocal and radically opposition. He was the most unlikely candidate to win the support of Jubilee MPs in this committee. Coming in the middle of a post-election stalemate, the Ugunja MP may be an unwitting pawn in Jubilee’s attempt to weaken NASA.

The Jubilee-aided voting pattern also saw ODM edge out MPs from other NASA parties for the leadership of the Public Investment Committee. Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir edged out ANC’s Tindi Mwale and Wiper’s Rashid Amin Kassim, to become the PIC chairman.

There are similar complaints around membership of the Parliamentary Service Commission, and nominations to the East African Legislative Assembly. The lobbying was rancorous, just like the outcome. ODM is said to be taking more than its fair share of these slots from its NASA allies.

Jubilee MPs have voted with ODM in all the contentious cases, against members from NASA affiliate parties. The Jubilee-ODM ‘alliance’ is not a product of shared interests. It is a Jubilee strategy to deflate NASA.

The game plan is to weaken NASA – isolate ODM to scuttle its alliance partners. A strong NASA is a threat to the status quo. The strategy is taken out of Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. You stir up the waters to catch the fish. Or shall we say you cut the tree to scatter the monkeys?

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