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January 21, 2019

Sexy al Shabaab spies lure Linda Boni cops for tips

Linda Boni Director Joseph Kanyiri./PRAXIDES CHETI
Linda Boni Director Joseph Kanyiri./PRAXIDES CHETI

Al Shabaab militants are now using beautiful women as spies against security personnel involved in the Linda Boni operation in Lamu, the Star has learnt.

Officers, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the women seek sexual relationships with them with the aim of getting their secrets.

Curiously, al Shabaab launches attacks barely two days after the women are seen in the area.

"They visit villages close to our camps to attract us. They know it is our biggest weakness," a GSU officer said.

Linda Boni operation director Joseph Kanyiri said he was aware of the terrorists new tactics.

"They are using every available trick to spy on officers. But we are alert," Kanyiri said.

He said the trick had been tried by the terrorists before. "Last year, we arrested two women in Kiunga, who were spying for the terror group," Kanyiri said.

Officers have been told to be suspicious of women who make advances towards them.

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