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October 19, 2018

[VIDEO] ODM smeared me, tied me to Msando killing – ex-MP

Former Ugenya MP Dave Ochieng at the High Court in Kisumu yesterday / FAITH MATETE
Former Ugenya MP Dave Ochieng at the High Court in Kisumu yesterday / FAITH MATETE

Former Ugenya MP Dave Ochieng yesterday told a court ODM leaders smeared his name and linked him to Chris Msando’s death.

Msando, a former electoral commission ICT director, was brutally murdered before the August 8 General Election.

Ochieng was testifying before justice Trisphisa Cherere in the Kisumu High Court in an election petition against Ugenya MP Chris Karan.  He wants his victory nullified. 

He said the ODM brigade claimed he connived with President Uhuru Kenyatta of Jubilee to murder Msando so that the election is rigged and NASA candidate Raila Odinga is denied victory.

“That was my lowest moment. I didn’t know how to respond. My agents called me, but I told them to leave it to God because I had nothing to do with the death,” Ochieng said.

“My opponent [Karan] told mourners at the deceased’s home that I should not be allowed in. One of my supporters who was present sent me a message informing me he said I had a hand in the death of Msando,” Ochieng said.

He added, “I drove to the home and gave my condolences to to family members.”

During cross-examination by his lawyer Richard Kwach, Ochieng said they were not hostile. He said he has never been summoned by police to record a statement over the claims.

Ochieng said his opponent violated the electoral code of conduct by engaging in dirty campaigns by linking him to Jubilee.

He said two weeks to the poll, Siaya Senator James Orengo warned voters if they voted for me “they would be seen” at NASA head office and be followed to their homes.

Ochieng said the senator said he is a senior person in ODM and they should listen to anything he says.

Asked why ODM candidates were hostile to him, he said he wasn’t running on their party ticket. He was perceived to be anti-Raila.

“They called me names. I was called a Jubilee mole. That I would gang up with Jubilee MPs to impeach Raila. They said voting for me would be like voting for Uhuru,” he said.

The court adjourned for a break.

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