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October 17, 2018

Orengo to become governor in Siaya succession politics

Siaya Senator James Orengo.
Siaya Senator James Orengo.

Succession politics are set to take centre stage in Siaya as seasoned politicians position themselves for top county jobs.

Among jobs up for grabs in 2022 is that of governor. Governor Cornel Rasanga is serving his last term.

Rasanga has warned county staff, saying he will not hesitate to sack lazy workers. He has promised to leave a good legacy when his terms ends.

Senator James Orengo (pictured) was largely expected to vie for the governorship in August, before he decided to concentrate on his seat.

Residents want Orengo to succeed Rasanga.

With uncertainty still hanging over NASA leader Raila Odinga’s political future, residents say Orengo is the best person to take over and lead them.

Those who spoke to the Star said the succession is open and leaders should first prove their worth. Ukwala resident Alex Ouma said politicians should first concentrate on helping Raila realise his political ambition of becoming president.

He said the 2022 election will be hugely influenced by the conduct of elected leaders.

“Even as we speak now, some MPs have already lost their seats come 2022, because of their demeanour towards Raila’s journey to Canaan,” Ouma said.

Ouma however agreed that Orengo’s bid would be undisputed if he vied for the Siaya governorship.

Orengo campaigned only twice, priot to the August 8 elections, before winning his Senate seat with a landslide.

He told residents to excuse him so he could fight for Raila in Nairobi.

Siaya town resident Milkah Oduor said Orengo and Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo had placed themselves at the forefront of Siaya county leadership.

“I would wish that in 2022, Otiende goes for senator as Orengo becomes our governor,” Oduor said.

Negotiated democracy will also be at play before it is decided who goes for which seat.

Alego Usonga will automatically be ruled out for the governorship because Rasanga comes from the constituency.

In the current setup, Ugenya has produced the senator with Woman representative Christine Ombaka coming from Gem. Deputy Governor James Okumbe comes from Bondo while Rarieda got the Speaker’s seat through George Okode.  Residents of Ugunja want a bigger post after the subcounty only got the seat of Majority leader.

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