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October 17, 2018

Embu mother loses son to suspected child-traffickers

An aerial view of Embu Town the headquarter of Embu county
An aerial view of Embu Town the headquarter of Embu county




A poor Embu mother is broken hearted after her five-year-old son disappeared six months after handing him over to a fake NGO to educate him.

Jane Karimi from Kapigaci village told the press yesterday her son Boniface Mugendi has been missing since a "good samaritan" asked her to release him to care for him since she is pooor.

 Karimi said her sister who lives in Mathare, Nairobi, called her on the phone and asked her to send her two sons.

The mother said after the boys arrived in Nairobi, they were given to a woman who was to take them to the NGO.

But she declined to take the older boy, saying the NGO wants young children.

According to the sister, the woman was to return and show her where she had taken the boy. However, she then, he has not been traced. The woman who took him has also disappeared.

Karimi said the matter was reported to the police. She has been living with a lot of grief and trauma. The mother suspects her son might have been trafficked. 

 She fears the woman who took her son may be a member of a child trafficking syndicate. 

Karimi said she is anxious, and wonders if she will be reunited with her with her beloved son.

“I love my son. I had wanted him to get an education to the highest level, so that he can help me in the future. But now I am tormented by his disappearance,” she said.

Abagail Mwaniki, a village elder at Kapigaci, said Karimi is traumatised by the missing son. 

Martin Wachira, an official with a children’s care advocacy NGO, said many poor parents in Embu are falling victim to child traffickers. They are enticed by promises of their children getting better lives. 

Wachira said that child trafficking was thriving and that many poor parents have no financial muscle to trace their lost children. 

He called upon parents to be vigilant especially during the festive season when people will be visiting and luring them to give them their children to educate them.. 



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