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March 22, 2018

Corridors of Power

An elderly woman admires a portrait poster of NASA party leader Raila Odinga during the Anti-IEBC protest in Nairobi on October 11,2017. PHOTO/ENOS TECHE.
An elderly woman admires a portrait poster of NASA party leader Raila Odinga during the Anti-IEBC protest in Nairobi on October 11,2017. PHOTO/ENOS TECHE.

The brutal killing of NASA protesters by the police is said to have seriously annoyed Opposition Chief Raila Odinga. Those in the know say that the killings, especially as he returned from the US on November 17, have hardened his resolve to give sleepless nights to President Uhuru Kenyatta's Jubilee administration. During a fundraising for the victims at a Nairobi hotel, Raila shed tears. He painfully asked why Jubilee is creating orphans. An angry Raila protested why he has not been arrested, detained or shot dead if he is the problem.


A Kenya Defence Forces insider was heard laughing off claims that the military is divided along political lines after the protracted political duel. There have been rumours that a former Chief of Defence Forces had proposed bringing in the military to preach cohesion. But the KDF insider confidently said, “If you mention cohesion, hapo hakuna jeshi. In the military, it’s the oath you took, period!” According to the man, if you are not satisfied, you resign. He claimed that the possibilities of a mutiny were remote, as most commanders are regime-friendly. Opposition Chief Raila Odinga has announced that he will be sworn in on December 12 and take over State House immediately. His swearing-in, he said, will be reminiscent of that of Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnagangwa – who toook over after a coup.


An outspoken Jubilee die-heard from Eastern Kenya is a bitter man. Reason? Word has it that the comical politician, who campaigned very hard for President Uhuru Kenyatta's reelection in the region, is angry because Jubilee has not shown any sign of rewarding him with any appointive post. It is said the politician’s hopes that Jubilee would back his interest in an EALA position have disappeared after his name featured nowhere in Uhuru’s party's shortlist. It is said the former one-term MP, who has unsuccessfully fought to be reelected, is threatening to bolt out of Jubilee, unless its leadership assures him of a post like it has promised Cabinet and parastatal positions to many polls losers allied to Uhuru.


What, exactly, is happening at Vigilance House? Maybe it’s time for Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to address the speculation. Officers are concerned about a memo from Vigilance House that requires them to give their home county and division particulars in the latest nominal roll. There are fears within police ranks that the details will have a bearing on a major transfer to be executed soon. There is also a likelihood, a little bird whispers to Corridors,  the placements will take a tribal angle rather than in normal cases, where merit counts.

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