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October 19, 2018

[VIDEO] Sossion rejects Matiang'i's education reforms, says tragedy looming

KNUT boss Wilson Sossion in Mombasa during the 13th annual meeting for primary school heads, December 6, 2017. /ERNEST CORNEL
KNUT boss Wilson Sossion in Mombasa during the 13th annual meeting for primary school heads, December 6, 2017. /ERNEST CORNEL

The new curriculum - 2-6-6-3 - is being pushed by foreigners and the Ministry of Education is a captive, Wilson Sossion has said.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers secretary general said World Bank proposed a change in Kenya's curriculum but that this is a "tragedy in the making".

Sossion said the government and World Bank's plan is to sack teachers as proved by the economics of this program change.

"You reduce the primary education period from eight to six years. This means you will need less teachers," he said.

Sossion, who is also a Nominated ODM MP, averred illiteracy levels will soar should the 8-4-4 system be abolished.

"Research shows a third of class six pupils can't read and write. With this level of unpreparedness where do you foresee if the new curriculum is introduced now?"

The government has said the new programme will take effect next year and be fully rolled out after seven years.

Julius Jwan, CEO of Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, said consultation and proper training were done.

But Sossion trashed the report.

"The consultations have been limited. Who approved that the programme be set out in 2018?" he posed on Wednesday during the 13th annual primary school heads meeting in Mombasa.

The SG said assessment, policy formulation, syllabus development, production of learning materials and piloting were done shoddily before yet they are key steps.

"Piloting ought to be vertical up to class eight, not ECD and class one as has been he case," he said.

The law maker said KNUT has concluded the process is being hurried yet teachers are not prepared.

The SG said any policy that did not entail consultation and was communicated by the Teachers Service Commission and the ministry will be rejected.

He cited stricter education and service terms for head teachers principals and their number twos. Head teachers and deputies will be required to have Education degrees while principals and deputies will be required to have masters.

Other rejected policy include merging the boards of primary and secondary school that share compounds so they can have one principal and two deputies.

KNUT has also rejected new text book regulations that will see the government supply them to schools.

Sossion also said scrapping the demotion of teachers and their heads, as well as tentative appointments, won't be entertained.

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