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October 17, 2018

'Naive' David Ndii being used by Raila, says Mutahi Ngunyi

Economist David Ndii is led to a Milimani law court cell, Monday, December 4, 2017. /COLLINS KWEYU
Economist David Ndii is led to a Milimani law court cell, Monday, December 4, 2017. /COLLINS KWEYU

David Ndii and his wife are being used by NASA leader Raila Odinga to advance his political agenda, political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has said.

Ndii, the NASA strategist, was trailed from Nairobi to Kwale in a dramatic arrest on Sunday night on suspicion he was planning meetings with the outlawed Mombasa Republican Council.

Senior police officers told the Star on Monday that the economist was under 24-hour surveillance for some time.

They believed the NASA policy chief was contacting various people, intelligence that turned out to be a crude hoax and embarrassment to the state.

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In a tweet on Monday night, Mutai said the economic strategist is being naive following what is happening around him.

"David Ndii is being naive with his braggadocio. His wife should not talk about under-clothes on TV. The couple is being used by foxy Baba," Mutahi said.

He added: "They will molest him in police cells and then charge him with misprision of treason."

Ndii's wife condemned the police for the manner in which they handled his arrest.

Mwende Gatabaki accused police of violating the law and invading their privacy by conducting a search of their room without documents required by law.

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Twitter users asked Mutahi to respect people and their privacy instead of issuing statements that have lost shape.

"Mutahi is telling Ndii's wife not to talk about under-garments on TV... Is that all that he picked in the twenty-minute press interview that Mrs Ndii was giving? I reiterate, formal education in this country is highly overrated," @emuyonga said.

@Gandian12 said: "That is a proof of the direction of his thinking. Kenyans are worried about the state of the nation and he's busy talking things that don't worth it."

"Kenya has become a state that silences their most learnt sons like David Ndii and leaves academic dwarfs like Ngunyi to shout. #HardTimesIndeed," @_Mwanyagetinge said.

@BabuInzima said: "You will not pass a day without writing anything about Baba. Tribal cancer will FINISH U. There is a day they will come for you also after they are done with Nasarites."

Other users sided with Mutahi saying NASA should rethink its decisions to gain the presidency.

"Nasarites perfected insults. If they had perfected voting probably Raila would be president,"@StephenManyara1 said.

@patriotbravo said: "Let him receive the dose of his own medicine."

On Monday, Raila condemned the arrest of Ndii and claimed more will face this fate because of his planned swearing-in.

Raila, who addressed the press at Kisumu county's office on Monday, said he had intelligence reports that police were planning to arrest more of his key partners over the People's Assembly.

He condemned Ndii's arrest, demanded his release and declared the Opposition will not "sit and relax, watching the Jubilee regime subvert the will of the people".

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