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October 17, 2018

Corridors of Power

Kalonzo defend Hon. Makau
Kalonzo defend Hon. Makau

COULD a disgruntled official in one of NASA affiliate parties be behind the coalition’s split on parliamentary leadership positions? Right. Word has it that an official in NASA’s four parties is a bitter man, after suffering double jeopardy, politically speaking. It is said the official’s fruitless push to have his wife nominated as an MCA angered him a lot. Worse still, the official recently suffered a setback after his push for the party to nominate him to the EALA again hit a snag. Our mole tells Corridors the official has now ganged up with another disgruntled party member in Parliament, who vainly piled pressure on their bosses for a top House position. Corridors is told the duo have resorted to painting some coalition members in bad light through media.



IS someone asleep on the job at Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper Democratic Party? Well, Corridors yesterday took a tour to the party’s website and the site still has former Kitui senator David Musili, former Nyali MP Awiti Bolo and former Mombasa senator Hassan Omar as chairman, treasurer and secretary general, respectively, months after the trio publicly resigned from the party. The website still has Omar’s image as its cover photo, despite the former SG launching a scathing attack at the party for his dismal performance in the Mombasa gubernatorial race.


A former governor from one of the counties in Northeastern is contemplating changing lawyers representing him in his petition. This is after he realized that his case is weakening by the day, and might be dismissed by the courts. The desperate ex-governor was recently heard by Corridors arguing loudly with one of his lawyers outside the court in Nairobi. It’s not yet clear whether the equally defiant lawyer has been shown the door


TENANTS of a popular building in Mombasa that houses a state media house are an unhappy lot. It is alleged that, despite a staggering Sh20 million having been pumped into renovations, tiles are already peeling off and the roof is leaking. Some employees believe senior managers in Nairobi conspired with the cowboy contractor to do a shoddy job. There are indications a vacuum left by a former manager of a TV station housed in the building is being exploited by some junior staff to make a killing. The building has been running on diesel generators after Kenya Power cut off electricity supply due to a Sh1 million bill. Employees are puzzled that diesel generators in the building and another adjacent one gobble up Sh34,000 in fuel – daily.



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