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October 17, 2018

KOT angry after Mutahi Ngunyi says Raila's 'drama' will not grant presidency

A file photo of political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi at Milimani law courts.
A file photo of political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi at Milimani law courts.

Mutahi Ngunyi displeased NASA supporters on Thursday by tweeting that leader Raila Odinga's moves will not make him president.

The political analyst commented on the prolonged political crisis that followed the veteran opposition leader's boycott of the October 26 presidential re-run.

Ngunyi quoted a Nigerian proverb that says: "The lion that roars never catches prey."

He added: "Raila's drama will not make him president. Between Raila and Uhuru, who is [Zimbabwe President Robert] Mugabe?" 

Mugabe arrived at a university graduation ceremony in the capital on Friday, his first public appearance since a military seizure of power. He has ruled for 37 years.

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After the original August election, Raila and his co-principals presented "irreducible minimums" to IEBC but they were not implemented.

They then resorted to a national resistance movement and now want the establishment of people's assemblies in allied counties.

Raila returned from the US on Friday after a 10-day tour during which he explained the "bungled" election and his reasons for pulling out.

His supporters caused trouble near JKIA as they waited for him to land. They hurled stones at anti-riot police, sang, danced, reiterated the resistance call and waved placards and twigs.

Police lobbed tear gas canisters and fired in the air to disperse them.

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'Of lions and roaring'

Kenyans on Twitter tore into Ngunyi, terming him 'fake' and a Jubilee puppet while others backed him.

One 'Cane Cutter 2' told the political analyst: "You forget Uhuru keeps roaring but still gets beaten at his own game of banning rallies. Wait for the way, last time I checked you were to sue the Auditor General. How did it go or was it just an empty roar?"

'@RJeffier' wrote: "Need I add a Kenyan proverb? A barking dog never bites."

'It's Chogo' added: "...The lioness that roars never catches prey. Mutahi nugu's charades do not make him relevant. Between Mutahi Nugu and [Kisumu Governor Anyang'] Nyong'o, who is professor?"

'Simba Kenya' said: "A lion roars every night and still lives to rule his kingdom. Take a step back, my friend. Tribalism cannot be the basis of any intellectual discourse."

Gerald Muthoka told Ngunyi that he should have explained to Kenyans why he is not in jail for allegedly stealing National Youth Service funds.

In September last year, the analyst told the PAC that he sent back the Sh12.5 million paid to his company by the NYS.

The vocal analyst explained how his firm, The Consulting House, received Sh102.5 million from two contracts awarded in the Sh791 million NYS fraudulent transactions.

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'@shisuvili1' tweeted: "I never believed a brilliant mind like yours could be bought. Talk about values. You have become a Jubilee mouthpiece... So sad."

'@LouisDenzel4' said: "The lion is the king. Did you know that? I doubt. Anyway, it is expected...when you associate yourself with Jubilee your IQ must go down. Today the lion, Raila Odinga, returns."

'@tgituma5' asked Ngunyi whether his life revolves around the NASA principal.

"Shame on you! Poor mindsets and fake analysts. Objectivity is key...that's what you lack."

Raila 'should retire'

But others defended Ngunyi saying Raila should retire and stop all the "drama".

"It's a desperate search for relevance. I advise police to immediately arrest him and put him in the first flight to Kisumu. Politicians should go there and sing 'Baba while you are away' one will bother them. JKIA is an international airport, not Kibera," said one Dr Mukundi.

Kibera is one of the slums in Nairobi where Raila enjoys unwavering supporting. Violence breaks out whenever his supporters believe he has been treated unfairly or in demands for what he has been calling for, such as reforms at IEBC.

Raila has asked his supporters not to engage in violence as many, including children, died in protests that followed the August 8 and October 26 votes.

'@Limokips2' said: "Kenya's lifetime political troublemaker and the one who seeks the white man's sympathy."

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