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June 25, 2018

Corridors of Power


A group of MPs from Ukambani accused of unsuccessfully campaigning for President Uhuru Kenyatta in the NASA-controlled region are a worried lot. The politicians, among them former influential MPs, have panicked after two botched attempts to have an audience with the President-elect. Thunderstruck by the latest developments, the jilted group has been holding night meetings to map out their next steps. In one of the meetings at a high-end Nairobi hotel, the politicians sharply differed on whether they need to reconsider their association with Jubilee. A woman politician amongst them shouted down dissenting voices and threatened to “spill the beans”.


THREE months after the August 8 General Election, a governor from Western Kenya is again in trouble with his deputy, whom he had courted back. The county chief has already moved the deputy governor to a separate block as he begins a raft of measures to deal with his former nemesis. The county’s number two was at the weekend in a lengthy meeting with his political advisers at his Nairobi home over his boss’s actions. The two former foes turned friends for the convenience of the election, have slid back to what was initially a frosty relationship that almost cost the governor the seat. The governor has allegedly isolated his deputy from key decisions on operation of the devolved unit.


SOUTH Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro caused an uproar among his constituents when he rebuffed a harambee appeal by a law student. The self-proclaimed street-boy turned millionaire told off the student – his constituent – over a school fees appeal. In the strongly worded rebuttal SMS, the flashy MP said, “I won’t . . . you fought me and still are fighting me”. This followed an appeal by the poor student to the MP for a university fees donation. The messages went viral on social media, with many wondering what had become of the MP, who, during his campaigns, pledged support for both those who voted for him and those who didn’t.


RESIDENTS of a Western county are very anxious and curious. Reason? The delay by their governor to unveil his cabinet. Although most governors across the country have either released the names of their executive nominees for vetting or have already been sworn in, the said county boss remains silent on his ministers. This has made residents wonder what is cooking. Some are even raising questions whether the county boss is being held hostage by some forces demanding to be rewarded with slots for campaigning for him so hard at the August 8 polls.


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