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September 25, 2018

No SGR work until school land disputes resolved, says MP

A section of SGR at DK 31 Mtito Andei site. Photo/File
A section of SGR at DK 31 Mtito Andei site. Photo/File

SGR construction works in Kinango will not proceed until a dispute surrounding a local school land is resolved, area MP has said.

Kinango MP Benjamin Tayari on Sunday said he will not allow further construction works to take place until the ownership of Mwamdudu primary school land is settled.

The school is one of nine in Kwale county whose land was affected by the SGR construction.

Efforts to compensate the schools have been fruitless.

Tayari has differed with the government, which want Mwamdudu Primary School relocated.

The school sits on some 50 acres of land. The parcel is part of 426 acres at Mwamdudu area, whose ownership remains unresolved.

A private developer is laying claim to the land.

The case is pending in court.

"I will follow up the issue with National Land Commission and the Lands ministry to make sure the land is returned to the owner. While we do that, no construction will proceed," Tayari said.

He spoke during a tour of the affected schools. He was with SGR officials and Kinango deputy county commissioner Michael Yata.

The MP asked residents with evidence of land ownership of the land table it, failure to which the land will remain under the school's name.

Mwamdudu Primary School chairman Abubakar Mwero said the they do not have a title deed for the land.

"Although this school land belongs to our forefathers, we have no title deed to claim it. We have had no peace since 2009 when private developers invaded it," Mwero said.

He said several pupils have been forced to relocate as a result of the ;and tussle.

Yata asked the residents to remain calm as the matter is resolved.

"The case about this issue is ongoing in court and we will have to wait," Yata said.

At Roman Primary School in Mariakani, another institution affected by the SGR construction, building continues.

Kinango subcounty education director Ruth Mutisya said they expect the works to be completed by February next year.

This is contrary to what is going on at Roman primary school in Mariakani as work there is proceeding well.

According to Kinango sub county education director Ruth Mutisya, works on the school land will be over by next year February.




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