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October 18, 2018

Eric Ndavi warns creatives about sex predators in the industry

Eric Ndavi
Eric Ndavi

Media personality Eric Ndavi has come out to reveal he was once asked for sex so as to feature in a movie. 

According to Ndavi, he always dreamt of becoming a professional actor and worked hard to perfect his skills only to see his dreams shattered by a mzungu director, who asked him to have sex with him for a "role of a lifetime"..

Ndavi's full story is titled "The sexual predator that made me quit acting — for life".

"I got a phone call from a Mzungu guy I cannot name. He told me that he was casting for a film role — a film shoot in South Africa. He had watched our show, loved my romantic scenes and he wanted a meeting. Woo-hoo! Hell yeah! Right?

Ndavi drove over to the director's house and auditioned. "Then he tells me that everybody has to sleep with somebody in order to make it in the film business. Also, as the casting agent, he has to “Taste me first” and then recommend me to the director. WTF? My heart and b*tthole froze for a few seconds. I told him that I shall think about it. He tells me that I have 24 hours, otherwise the “career-making role of a lifetime is gone”.

He continued, "On my way to my car, his auntie-looking househelp looks at me like, “Woiyee, child, don’t do it!” 

My brain and heart worked together for the first time in over a decade: They were both clear. After all this work that my mentors had put in turning me into a better actor, singer and creative, am I supposed to be turned into this guy’s sex toy, and be passed over to another guy? And then I get mega-paid? (The role was Sh2 million in 1998) Just to become a successful actor?"

Ndavi finished his post saying, "There are bad people out there in the creative industry. Let your creative brothers, sisters and kids know that they exist. Protect them. That “career-making role” story they spout out is bullshit. Let’s kill sexual exploitation in the Kenyan creative industry."

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