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April 23, 2018

People no longer shop like they used to, business people in Mumias lament

A street in Mumias town.Photo file
A street in Mumias town.Photo file

Traders in Mumias town yesterday said they are making losses due to the current state of political uncertainty.

“People are no longer shopping and we are experiencing low circulation of money around here,” the traders’ chairman Ali Matseshe said.

He said the prices of some items have risen.

“Getting imported goods is now almost double what we are used to and you haven’t added transportation from Mombasa or Nairobi. Everything is just expensive,” Matseshe said.

He blamed NASA and Jubilee Party for the country’s poor economic state.

The traders said they are forced to close shop when NASA holds its anti-IEBC protests.

Last Friday a small group of youth held a peaceful demonstration in Mumias town for few hours.

Larger numbers of NASA supporters turn up every Monday and Friday to demonstrate in Kakamega town.

“The warring parties should seek a lasting solution to the problems the Supreme Court said occurred during the nullified election, instead of bringing more confusion,” Matseshe said.

“We are getting worried that these political confusions and may go on for longer than we had expected.”