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July 18, 2018

Abduba Dida ready for repeat election 'but Chiloba must step aside'

Presidential candidate Abduba Dida poses for a photo in Nairobi, June 23, 2017. /REUTERS/BAZ RATNER
Presidential candidate Abduba Dida poses for a photo in Nairobi, June 23, 2017. /REUTERS/BAZ RATNER

Abduba Dida is ready for the repeat October 26 election on condition that CEO Ezra Chiloba steps aside.

The Alliance for Real Change presidential candidate said IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati called him after the High Court ruling on Wednesday.

Chebukati called to confirm he wants his name put on the ballot, the teacher by profession told journalists on Thursday.

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Dida said he will give clear direction as to whether he will participate after an engagement with the chairman.

"I will not withdraw but my participation depends on whether the commission is willing to address issues raised for a credible election."

The politician said it will be difficult for the commission to conduct a free, fair, transparent and credible election with the same people who bungled the August 8 election in office.

NASA leaders led by Raila Odinga have accused Chiloba and several secretariat members of engaging in malpractices.

They say the team's resignation will allow a new team to man the poll following the Supreme Court ruling that indicated election laws and the constitution were not respected.

The court did not implicate any of the commission's officials.

The Opposition has been holding demonstrations for reforms at the commission but the government banned them earlier today, citing security threats.

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Dida said those in charge of departments mentioned should step down so others are chosen to lead.

"Those in charge of logistics, legal and IT departments must step aside with half salary and let investigations be conducted. If they are innocent they will resume but if guilty let them face the law."

The politician said that for now, the IEBC should contact retired military personnel and former UN officers who are not interested in matters of politics and have them take charge.

Dida, who contested under Tunza Coalition on August 8, said unless the commission implements serious changes as proposed by various stakeholders, results of the repeat election will be worse and there will be another court battle.

"All the changes that have been proposed can be implemented within the remaining time before the election. The problem with IEBC [officials] is that they are doing things under the blanket and expecting everyone to believe their narrative."

Dida added the electoral agency "messed up" the first chance they were granted to deliver a credible election and might repeat this.

"We can all see Chebukati is straining and struggling to make things work but with his commissioners taking Jubilee and NASA sides, we are still on the same path."

Concerning NASA chief Raila Odinga's withdrawal, Dida termed him a clever politician who is testing the waters to ensure things are done the right way.

"Raila has not submitted form 24A which is the official withdrawal document. But he is a clever man."






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