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April 23, 2018

90,000 starving Samburu poor need relief food

Samburu residents on September 27 / RED CROSS
Samburu residents on September 27 / RED CROSS

About 90,000 people in lowland areas of Samburu East and Samburu North are suffering hunger in the persistent drought.

Governor Moses Lenolkunal yesterday said 95 per cent of livestock have moved from the two subcounties to Samburu Central, which is  “fairly okay” following “recent showers”. 

He said water points have dried up. About 70 per cent of the residents depend on trucked water, he said. 

“Household food security is compromised, livestock conditions have worsened and 95 per cent of livestock have moved. This is alarming.

“Malnutrition rates are quite high at 25 per cent last month and the situation is deteriorating,” Lenolkulal said.

He urged the Agriculture ministry to pile food stock at the National Cereal and Produce Board depot in Maralal so the county can buy and distribute it to the starving residents.

“We planned to buy 8,000 bags and 2,000 cartons of cooking oil from the NCPB, but they only had 5,000 bags yesterday [Tuesday],” Lenolkulal said.

He urged neighbouring counties whose herders and livestock have migrated to Samburu to cooperate in controlling livestock diseases.