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September 25, 2018

Uhuru is hurtling toward a cliff

Kenya faces perhaps its most crucial moment as an independent nation on October 26. On that fateful day, merely a fortnight away, Kenyans will once again go to the polls to elect a President for the second time in 60 days after the Supreme Court in a historic decision annulled the election of Uhuru Kenyatta.

The annulment came with a rider that unless the electoral process was calibrated to be in tune with the Constitution, the Supreme Court would not hesitate to annul any other election held thereafter.

Jubilee, in characteristic fashion, threw a tantrum telling anyone and everyone willing to listen that their well-deserved victory had been stolen and that the sovereign will of the people had been overthrown or overturned by four thugs (wakora).

The number of invectives and choice insults thrown at the court, and particularly at the person of the Chief Justice, are frighteningly scandalous, especially coming from none other than the President and Deputy President. The wisdom of this approach to a complex problem remains questionable. As this writer has said before, “It is unwise to abuse a crocodile whilst one’s bottom is still in the water!”

Jubilee, in their arrogance and incredible sense of entitlement, have toured the country in a well-oiled campaign literally buying out former opposition stalwarts. In so doing, they appear to have obviously missed a cardinal point.

Firstly, the August 8 election was not lost on account of numbers! Why is Jubilee obsessed with numbers when in fact if the election had been on account of numbers then Jubilee would have won hands down!

The election was annulled on account of an undemocratic process. Jubilee has done zilch on this account. Their myopia has further blinded them to the fact that NASA is hardly campaigning. Raila Odinga is set for a tour of the United Kingdom and the United States of America, with the election only days away! Why is this so hard to grasp, or does NASA know something we don’t?

Jubilee, with their parliamentary majority, believe they can have their way with anything, including amending the Constitution, being only shy of a super-majority by a handful of members. It is however over-confidence and a warped sense of entitlement that will be the end of Jubilee.

Raila is obviously sure that without the IEBC meeting his “irreducible minimum conditions”, then it will not meet the Constitutional threshold set by the Supreme Court.

Jubilee will scream themselves hoarse, spend a fortune campaigning and buying opposition leaders whilst NASA sits pretty, only to instruct their lawyers to return to the Supreme Court and, presto, annul the election a second time! This would seriously deflate UhuRuto’s political fortunes as election fatigue is already setting in.

Raila is, without doubt, a master political strategist. In employing peaceful street protest(s) as his modus operandi ,he has unleashed the most powerful political weapon ever known to man. It is time-tested and has seen many great men rise to dizzying heights, amongst them Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela.

No amount of money or campaigning can measure up to peaceful protest. NASA has another trump card as the peaceful protest(s) disrupt normal business activities in the cities. Political pressure will soon come from the business community to seek a compromise. It is already there from diplomatic circles and religious leaders.

Uhuru may be playing “hard to get”, but NASA will engage him and he shall succumb! As one journalist said, Raila is quite happy to play the monkey jumping on Uhuru’s back and this is annoying Uhuru immensely.

If his reaction is anything to go by, he is making a series of forced errors which are an advantage to Raila. One can’t help continuously asking, “Who advises the President (incumbent)?” He appears to be hurtling towards a cliff with all his advisers urging him on! Stop, Mr President!

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