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July 18, 2018

Divided Kenya now needs reconciliation

NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga has announced that he will not contest the presidential election on October 26.

The Supreme Court annulled the August 8 election result on September 1 citing various anomalies, in particular with the transmission of results.

The Supreme Court assumed that the IEBC would re-run the election and rectify the faults from the first round. This would have been the best case scenario. If the IEBC failed to run a credible election on October 26, NASA could still have appealed again.

However NASA wanted major changes at the IEBC before any re-run. Now NASA argues that there can be no legal election without their candidate.

Jubilee will undoubtedly argue that the October 26 election should go ahead with one candidate, or that the original result should stand, if Raila has withdrawn. Presumably this matter will now return to the Supreme Court for adjudication.

Whatever happens, President Kenyatta must now rise to the challenge of uniting a divided and disappointed Kenya. It will not be easy. Reconciliation will be more important than suppression.


Quote of the day: "If you start throwing hedgehogs under me, I shall throw a couple of porcupines under you." - Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev died on October 11, 1971


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