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March 21, 2018

Corridors of Power

Nyamira governor John Nyagarama
Nyamira governor John Nyagarama

IS Jubilee Party spending a fortune in capturing influential opposition bigwigs ahead of the October 26 repeat presidential election? Well, we are informed that one of the former vocal NASA-allied politicians is smiling all the way to the bank, courtesy of the President’s party. The hitherto fierce critic of JP has of late softened his hard stance and exposed a soft underbelly that has seen him change tune. He now preaches the 'Uhuruto Tano Tena' mantra, a mockery of the firm political ideals he once fought for. True, money is sweet, but even sweeter when buttered with political favours.


AN ODM lawmaker from Coast has reportedly abandoned his family roles since he won at the August 8 General Election. The MP, in his late 30s, allegedly eloped with a form four-leaver from his village a few weeks after his victory and has never set foot in his marital village home. Efforts by his wife of 10 years to trace the man have borne no fruits. Just last week, the ‘village wife’, a high school teacher, threatened to storm Parliament for her husband, but threatening messages from her brother-in-law threw the plans off balance. Just where is the flashy lawmaker, his family is looking for him.


WHY was Nyamira Governor John Nyagarama’s security detail recalled or scaled down? Social media fanatics were on Saturday abuzz with news of the withdrawal of the county chief’s guards. However, a string of messages from the governor’s office, his handlers and the police were even more confusing to the public: Was someone trying to spin the police action out of proportion to achieve a political agenda? Many social media users wondered if the powerful were trying to find solace by whining in public whenever cornered by the State. Scaling down, not withdrawal, it was.


A NASA governor is a man under immense siege. The county chief from Nyanza has found himself between a rock and a hard place. The governor, shrewd in his operations following his past public service, is under pressure to drop some top county officials said to be brokers. The five county officials are said to be on a looting spree, fleecing the public out of millions of shillings on the promise of non-existent jobs. One poor resident of the county recently paid some Sh100,000 to one of the cartel members to secure a chief officer's job for his son. However, with the governor under pressure to spread the positions equitably, the poor man may regret it, sooner then later.  

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