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February 19, 2019

Cannibal couple made human meat pies, supplied to local restaurants

"At least one jar with pickled human remains, and 19 slices of skin were discovered in the couple's flat." /COURTESY
"At least one jar with pickled human remains, and 19 slices of skin were discovered in the couple's flat." /COURTESY

Alleged cannibal Natalia Baksheeva made 'pies' of suspected human meat and supplied them to local restaurants, it has been claimed.

The 42 year old and husband Dmitry Baksheev, 35, are detained amid urgent police investigations into her confession that the couple killed and ate 30 or more victims.

Cut-up human remains were found in their fridge and freezer, and elsewhere in their home at a hostel in a military academy in Krasnodar, southern Russia.

One victim was waitress Elena Vashrushev, 35, who lived close to Natalia and her husband. Others are feared to be women who joined dating websites before vanishing.

Neighbours say former nurse Natalia made and sold pies to boost her income, boasted to cafe owners that she could supply 'meat' and may have worked as a chef.

"I bake pies," she told one local. Asked what she filled them with, she replied: "Whatever is around."

'People are trembling when recalling such exchanges,' reported newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets today.

She is believed to have sold to military trainees including student pilots attending the academy where she worked.

She offered to supply meat to at least one cafe in the city and also sought a job as a chef, the newspaper revealed.

Cafe owner Vitaly Yakubenko said: "It was in 2010.

"She was very active, asked lots of questions but mainly about where we buy our meat and fish and how fresh it is. She made clear she could supply meant. I said that we work only with certified suppliers."

The cafe owner added: "The police should look now where this woman may have worked as a chef and if she tried to push her products there too.

"For sure these cannibals were looking for places to sell their meat. It sounded to me like her main motive when she was looking for a job.

"Natalia told me she had experience working as a chef." The owner refused to work with her saying she looked "vulgar". 

"She never came back," he said. Police are investigating how the couple were allowed to live for years in the grounds of a military academy run by the Russian Defence Ministry.


Separate reports say Natalia was checked by a psychiatric hospital and found to be "mentally healthy".

"In their home, many mobile phones of their victims were found, and also video lessons on how to cook meals from human meat," said the police source.

"This woman had been working in the military academy as a nurse and supposedly she was sharing these cans of steamed human meat with student pilots."

It was alleged on Tuesday that Dmitry Baksheev used dating sites to recruit women who he and his wife then killed and ate. 

At least one jar with pickled human remains, and 19 slices of skin were discovered in the couple's flat.

Many cans with steamed meat were found in their kitchen, a source told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

It was claimed that wife Natalia Baksheeva, 42, had taken her 35 year old orphan husband in as a teenager and wed him when he turned 18.

Police fear that Baksheev found victims by setting up meetings on dating websites.

His wife is reported to have been shown the faces of missing women in southern Russia and identified dozens who she claimed were their victims.

A police source said: "Going through the photographs, the woman has recognised more than 30 victims that they killed and eaten together with her husband.

"A psychologist was sent from Nizhny Novgorod to make her talk.".'

But so far police have concrete evidence of only two women who were allegedly killed and eaten, it is understood.

Investigative committee official Smyatskaya added that the initial criminal investigation is into the death of one woman.

Other alleged murders are "being checked by our officers", she said.

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