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February 19, 2018

Most Mumias schools violate fire safety standards - team

HAMISI Sub county  OCPD Lucy Kananu asses damage caused by a Wednesday night fire that  burnt down two dormitories at Givole Secondary Schoo
HAMISI Sub county OCPD Lucy Kananu asses damage caused by a Wednesday night fire that burnt down two dormitories at Givole Secondary Schoo

Most schools in Mumias, Kakamega county, violate government fire safety, hygiene and other standards.

In preliminary report, a sub-county security committee found most school had not implemented safety guidelines set by the Education ministry.

On Wednesday, a team from the ministries of Education and Health and security officials inspected 5 boarding schools.

They were led by area OCPD Peter Kattam.

Mumias West deputy county commissioner Philip Soi said most schools violated regulations.

The team said most boarding schools still have locked or immovable grilles on their windows, lack fire extinguishers and place too many beds in dormitories.

They were also looking at perimetre walls and hygiene standards.

“We will submit a report and hold a meeting after this to ensure our recommendations are fully implemented,” Soi said.

After recent boarding school fires, the ministry of Education and other government authorities have been accused of failing conduct safety inspections.

“This is not a new directive. Lack of full implementation and follow-up by our teams on the ground are the problem,” Soi said.

There has been minimal implementation of a report tabled in May by a task force investigating the auses of arson and unrest in schools.

It had recommended the ministry establishes a monitoring and evaluation section to enforce compliance by schools within six months.

More than 120 schools were burnt last year, mostly in arson attacks.

On Septembeer 2 this year, nine students perished in an arson fire at Moi Girls School, Nairobi. A dormitor with more than 300 beds was set alight.

Soi said schools that do not meet safety standards will be given a time to adhere to rules and fix their dormitories.

He said school inspections will be frequent.







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