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January 21, 2019

‘Jigi Jigi’ the worst I’ve heard from Willy Paul, says Ringtone


Musician Ringtone, real name Alex Apoko, has lashed out at Willy Paul’s hit song Jigi Jigi.

The Pamela hit maker says it is the worst song he has heard from Pozze, but he still respects him.

He told Kiss FM’s Chito Ndhlovu on his Maloko show:

“I don’t hate Willy Paul, I love Willy Paul. Kuna zile wimbo za Willy Paul napenda kama ile waliimba na Gloria Muliro. If I was to rate the worst song I have heard from Willy Paul, I’d say this one.”

In a past interview with Chito, Willy said his song was gospel-inspired by the book Songs of Solomon/Songs of Songs.

However, Ringtone says Willy Paul is playing around with fans by singing about women.

“Naezasema sasa anazoea, ile time aliimba na yule dem wa Jamaica tulisema ok. Sasa tena ingine, hatuwezikua tunaimba around dem and sisi ni gospel artistes.”

Chito quoted a Bible verse that talked about ‘A woman’s succulent breasts’.

And Ringtone responded: “The gospel is not about the breasts and the hips, it’s not about that. We have one job, to make Jesus Christ known.”

He said he will never write a song like Willy Paul’s.

“I am going to write the best word of God from the Bible, sitachanganya. Mimi sitasema ‘Jigi Jigi’ na haipatikani kwa Bible.”

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