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February 18, 2019

NASA’s irreducible minimum is not impossible

NASA has delivered to the IEBC a letter of the pre-conditions necessary for a free, fair, credible and accountable election. In the letter, we restate that a credible election cannot be achieved by cosmetic exercises intended to ring-fence vote-riggers and vote rigging.

The preconditions are for purposes of a credible fresh presidential election and cover procurement of election materials; transparent use of and access to ICT; replacement of irredeemable personnel who abetted electoral fraud; gazettement of polling stations and live media coverage of results declaration at the 290 constituency tallying centres in the same manner as done at the national tallying centre.

Our irreducible demands are not impossibilities. Ours are within the emerging broad international consensus that the IEBC needs to correct the irregularities and illegalities committed in order to carry out a credible fresh election. In this context, we wish to note that the EU Observer mission has since revised its observations and made recommendations that are not dissimilar to what we have suggested to the IEBC as our irreducible minimum.

As we have pointed out before, our experience with the IEBC does not inspire confidence.

We do not believe that the IEBC leadership believes in good faith or keeping its word. Kenyans will recall that in the run up to the August 8 2017 elections, IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati committed publicly not to announce the presidential results until all results were in. He then proceeded to go back on his word and do the exact opposite. We are dealing with very dishonest individuals at the IEBC.

When we visited the Commission two days ago, we were bombarded with a document titled Status update on the Commission’s Preparedness for the Fresh Presidential Election that we had never been informed about. The document opens with reference to the Supreme Court’s annulment of the presidential election of August 8, and the attendant orders for a fresh election. 

The document however conveniently failed to acknowledge that the court found the Commission culpable for “illegalities and irregularities” in the election. That is dishonesty and a clear indication that the IEBC is living in denial.

The Commission wants to proceed as if the illegalities and irregularities never happened and as if it were never indicted by the same Supreme Court. This is despite the acknowledgement of the same by way of the widely publicized letter written by the Chairman to the CEO.

The writer is ANC party leader


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