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June 25, 2018

Tuju distances Jubilee from Ngunjiri petition, mocks NASA donations plea

Jubilee Party secretary general Raphael Tuju addresses the media on missing Forms 34A at the Bomas of Kenya national tallying centre in Nairobi, August 8, 2017. /JACK OWUOR
Jubilee Party secretary general Raphael Tuju addresses the media on missing Forms 34A at the Bomas of Kenya national tallying centre in Nairobi, August 8, 2017. /JACK OWUOR

Jubilee has distanced itself from a petition by one of its members for Chief Justice David Maraga's removal from office.

Nyeri MP Wambugu Ngunjiri has questioned the suitability of the Supreme Court president.

This followed the Supreme Court's nullification of President Uhuru Kenyatta's victory in the August 8 general election.

"We must understand that Maraga does not overturn the will of the people...15 million people...but he has allowed a clique of people to influence him," Ngunjiri told journalists on Thursday.

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But in an address to the media, Jubilee secretary general Raphael Tuju said the move was an individual's, not the party's.

"I have seen the petition online but it is not a Jubilee Party is an individual's action," he said. "...I have just seen it but I have not read it to the end."


Tuju further challenged the Opposition to explain the law it will use to stop October 17 repeat poll.

He said they have "noted with amusement" the Opposition's threats to skip the election

Tuju noted NASA politicians had a parliamentary group meeting yet do not recognise Parliament and have been carrying out boycotts.

"It is even more hypocritical that they would boycott...conducting their legislative duties and claim it is a matter of principle yet they took oath of office to ensure they get into the payroll," he said.

"If this is not a case of just having a big stomach and no backbone, then they should miss eight consecutive sitting so their seats may be declared vacant."

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On Raila Odinga's call for donations to fund their campaigns, he noted Kenyans should not be deceived into donating Sh12 billion yet the coalition may not participate in the election.

"It is hypocritical for NASA to threaten to boycott elections then proceed to collect millions of shillings from Kenyans," he said.

"Taxpayers should not be made to pay for an election in which NASA has explicitly said it will not participate."

The SG said Kenyans must follow the rule of law in relation to the October vote instead of issuing threats for boycotts and the removal of IEBC officials.

"Whether we have problems with IEBC or not, there is a law that stipulates roles of the Institution and its officials," he said.

"Our country is at a defining moment in which we are called upon to rise to our most wisest, generous and kind." 

The National Super Alliance issued the commission with nine conditions for the election to take place.

They include the removal of CEO Ezra Chiloba for being complicit in processing illegal results in the August polls.

NASA also wants IEBC to appoint 291 new returning officers for the polls and open its servers as was ordered by the Supreme Court.

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