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June 20, 2018

Muturi to name NASA MPs making technical appearances despite boycott

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang'ula in Parliament on despite a boycott by Opposition members,  September 14, 2017. /COURTESY
Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang'ula in Parliament on despite a boycott by Opposition members, September 14, 2017. /COURTESY

National Assembly speaker Justin Muturi has okayed a request to make public the list of NASA MPs who signed the attendance register.

He said he will outline further administrative action, adding that the era of making technical appearances is done with the old constitution.

"I will make further communication on the other issues," he told members during the Thursday afternoon session.

Majority leader Aden made the request saying it is dishonest for Opposition MPs to appear in the House and sign the register after promising not to show up in the "illegitimate Parliament".

“Some of them, including Homa Bay Woman Rep (Gladys Wanga) who is a former PSC commissioner, walk in and mark the register. Some are taking tea in the MPs lounge,” the Garissa Town MP said.

Duale also said the Parliamentary Service Commission should recall government vehicles issued to Bugoma Senator Moses Watang'ula as the Opposition is yet to nominate leaders to various positions in both Houses.

"NASA has not submitted names of Minority Leader in both the Senate and National Assembly. Some of them are still enjoying facilities, including physical and monetary [resources] provided by the PSC," he said.

Duale, who is the PSC chair, said Watang'ula should not be allowed to access the Senate Minority Leader office within Parliament Buildings.

"Nobody should enjoy facilities of Parliament unless they are appointed," he added.

More on this: NASA MPs could easily lose seats if they boycott eight sittings

Opposition MPs have said the annulment of President Uhuru Kenyatta's re-election by the Supreme Court denies him the legitimacy and constitutional mandate to act as head of state.

On Wednesday, Wetang’ula said NASA will not be part of any House committee because Parliament is illegally constituted.

Speaking in Nairobi after a NASA Parliamentary Group meeting that they had resolved to withdraw its members from attending all proceedings of the House as well as committees until a fresh presidential election is held next month.

Wetangula said: “We will not be part of any parliamentary proceedings and House committees as the House currently constituted is full of illegalities and is a Jubilee parliament,”

Kikuyu MP Mwangi Ichungw’a told the Speaker that seats of NASA MPs who miss eight sittings in a session should be declared vacant. He also challenged members of the public to consider recalling them.

The NASA lawmakers could find themselves back to the ballot if they miss the minimum number of sitting members are allowed without the speaker’s permission.

MPs hold four sittings in the plenary every week-one Tuesday, double on Wednesday and a single one on Thursday.

A member seeking to be absent from sitting of the House shall seek the written permission of the speaker in such a form as the speaker may determine, stating the period of absence, the reasons and any other relevant information, reads Standing Order number 257(A).

The clerk is required to keep custody of all the requests for permission and may disclose the information with the written consent of the speaker.

The speaker is required to trigger the process of declaring a seat vacant once he gets information from the clerk that a member could have missed eight sittings in a session.


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