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June 25, 2018

Eat Jubilee money in peace, KOT tells 'cheap blogger' Ababu

Former Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba. /FILE
Former Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba. /FILE

Is violence ingrained in the DNA of some people, leaders, parties? former Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba has asked after the Kisumu Wednesday protests.

Police in the town fired teargas and bullets in the air to disperse residents who stormed Jumuia hotel.

An officer said they were women attending an election meeting following claims some people were buying IDs at the facility.

But a woman, who was roughed up by a mob, said they were at the hotel to advocate for peace ahead of the October 17 election.

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"The brutal Kisumu attack on innocent women attending a workshop is terrible," Ababu said via Twitter on Wednesday.

The former Budalang'i MP who has been attacking NASA since he ditched ODM received criticism from his followers.

"Terrible is when more than Sh1.2 billion bridge collapses under its own weight and it becomes worse when you survive on handouts from the state house," @Tekkta said.

@martinRcoh said: "A party that you wanted to sell out for some few coins, a party you went against and you are now a mere blogger."

"When Baby Pendo was killed in Kisumu did you condemn anyone?" @Rouzie asked.

@Nyakwar_Ramogi: "Yes. Deal with it. You achieved zero results when Raila appointed you the Youth affairs minister. You failed terribly. Big ego signifying 00."

"The new cheapest blogger in town... Kula pesa pole pole kijana (Eat the money in peace)," @sylvia_okisai said.

@Ms_Seleon: "I hear he is hanging around media houses looking for airtime so he can express his ignorance. Kula pole pole kijana."

In 2007, a disputed presidential vote led to protests and ethnic violence that killed 1,200 people and displaced over 650,000 others.

Following the August 8 election, human rights organizations reported at least 28 deaths, mostly linked to police.

But the protests were quelled when the opposition decided to take its complaints to the Supreme court.

Activists have been working hard to plan monitoring and advocacy around the new vote.



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