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June 25, 2018

Clan interests at play as Korane picks CECs

Governor Ali Korane
Governor Ali Korane

Clan politics is set to play a major role in determining who makes it to the cabinet of the Garissa county government.

Sources have told the Star that Governor Ali Korane is reviewing his list before formally announcing his nominees.

Power brokers in the county are pushing to have their people picked, with eyes firmly on influencing major county decisions and winning lucrative contracts.

Korane’s Abduwak clan won the county’s top seats, including that of the senator and the woman representative.

However, the governor must also appoint members of the other two clans - the Aulian and Samawadhal. There are also minority tribes that reside in Garissa.

The Aulian overwhelmingly voted for former governor Nathif Jama, who lost to Korane. But the clan is still hoping to get at least two cabinet slots in Korane’s government, given Jama also appointed two Adbduwak clan members in the last administration.

Korane will unveil his cabinet nominees a few days before Tuesday next week, when the county assembly is set for official opening.

County assembly clerk Mohamud Santur said Korane will outline his vision and development agenda for the county. “We also expect the finance and the appropriations bill to top the agenda of the assembly to ensure that service delivery is not compromised,” said Santur.


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