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June 20, 2018

Tekno’s concert irks fans, DJ Creme denies responsibility

Tekno Miles
Tekno Miles

All roads on Saturday night led to the Ngong Racecourse in Nairobi for the Wave concert, which hosted one of Nigeria’s top male artistes, Tekno Miles.

Tekno jetted into the country on Thursday and was scheduled to hold a meet-and-greet at the Big Square Restaurant on Friday, but didn’t turn up. He told a local TV station that evening he was saving up energy for the concert on Saturday.

Many of his fans showed up and it was a totally sold-out concert. Afrimma awards nominee DJ Creme De La Creme was the main deejay for various artistes performing. However, when Tekno got on stage, there was a disconnect between him, his band and the DJ.

Speaking to Word Is, Creme said: “I wasn’t suppose to deejay for him but he came direct to me back stage 10 minutes before he was meant to perform and asked me to do it as a favour, and out of respect I accepted.

“I deejayed for Redsan and the other artistes who performed and everything was epic and went well, but Tekno was not in sync with his band, and he blames me for it.”

Fans who actually went to the concert expressed their grievances on social media.

alibabanba: He was very disappointing..I feel guys did a good job.

nettymitai: Instead of performing, Tekno kept shouting I love you Nairobi.

mwendesusu: The Tekno concert was a complete fail. This one I even have to write a blog post coz a tread won’t explain the utter BS that was!!


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