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June 25, 2018

Omar tilts to Jubilee, won’t back Raila in fresh poll, slams Kalonzo

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar during a press conference at his office in Kizingo, Mombasa, yesterday /J OHN CHESOLI
Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar during a press conference at his office in Kizingo, Mombasa, yesterday /J OHN CHESOLI

Former senator Hassan Omar on Monday gave the clearest indication that he will back President Uhuru Kenyatta in October 17 poll if he has to take a stand.

“Whether we are taking any active role in the 17th election and I say it here without contradiction, if we are taking that active role it will not be to the benefit of my elder brother and the man I have loved over the years Raila Odinga,” he said.

“Because I think it will be chaotic to have a Mombasa where him as president and when the governor is who is the person right now... We love you but fortunately or unfortunately we love Mombasa more and that is the truth of the matter.”

IEBC gazetted only Uhuru and Raila to compete in the fresh election.

Omar repeated that even if Raila wins, he is not serve under his government.

Jubilee has been taking over opposition leaders as it angles to win the second term.

The party has been strategic targeting key but fragile opposition areas like Ukambani, Western and as it manifests now, Mombasa.

Omar resigned from his Wiper secretary general position but he is still a member.

He said the party leadership is weak, fluid and unfocused.

He said party leader Kalonzo Musyoka could not decide who between him and Mombasa governor Hassan Joho he should support.

He accused Kalonzo of failing to protect him from Joho's onslaughts especially during NASA's last rally in Mombasa.

During the meeting at Mama Ngina grounds, he was blocked from accessing the main dais.

“The only reason Joho could have done that is because Raila condones that kind of leadership, appreciation violence pays and impunity is not punished,” he said.

Omar's announcement on his position on presidential vote comes amid strong allegation that he was being funded by Jubilee and he was having night meetings with the party in the run-up to the August 8.

This, oppositions claimed, was wrecking them and making their chances of beating Jubilee almost impossible.

Joho stepped up this narrative accusing Omar of spying for Jubilee, claiming his governor bid was a smokescreen.

Omar said Raila's politics of moles is a poverty narrative to crush competent leadership.

He denied Ruto, Jubilee or Eurobond money funded him.

He said wealthy businessmen in Mombasa footed the bills.

Omar said the same donors have been financing Raila.

“If they fund me it is Ruto, Eurobond, if the fund you (Raila), [they are] good donors, style up.”

He said Ruto and Uhuru can also attest that they did not oil his coffers.

Omar has petitioned Joho's win.

He cited highest levels of tampering, ballot staffing, and issuance of double ballot papers.

Omar accused Raila of double speak after he sanitized the Mombasa election which he claimed was manipulated and rigged in favour of Joho.

“On the 9th I received a call from NASA IT department telling highest levels of tampering with respect to the election was in Mombasa,” he claimed.

He said Raila also confirmed Mombasa had massive discordances when he held a presser that day.

“How on the 22nd [August during Joho's inauguration] he will give a clean bill of health to the same electoral process in Mombasa and yet he warned the Supreme Court. It is a highest levels of sanitization,” he said.

Saying fanaticism is dangerous, Omar said Raila is not apostle nor Kalonzo is a prophet.


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