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June 25, 2018

Nusu mkate is NASA endgame

In just over a month, we will head back to the ballot for a second round of voting in the presidential election. This is not how we all thought it would be with what was a clear win for President Uhuru Kenyatta in the first round on August 8.

Nevertheless, in deference to our Constitution, we must respect the Supreme Court ruling and head back to the ballot on October 17. Most Kenyans know the outcome will be the same, but nothing will stop the opposition from crying foul one more time and putting the country in limbo.

But how did we get here in the first place? It was clearly a plan by the opposition, which was never interested in the election in the first place. As Jubilee was campaigning with T-shirts and branding, NASA was barely campaigning.

NASA acted like they knew something no one else did about the outcome of the election and what they would do later on. All along, they did not want the election, and they succeeded.

Seeing as how NASA went to court and won its case without disputing the votes Uhuru got, it will be naïve to underestimate its current undertakings. All of their actions since the Supreme Court ruling do not add up. We are being duped, collectively as a country.

Kenyans have been made to focus on the IEBC, reshuffling of the secretariat and the election date. In my opinion, this is just a smoke-and-mirrors tactic. There is a lot NASA is planning behind the scenes that we should all be wary of.

During and after the Supreme Court hearing, it was rather obvious NASA was not focused on messing up the vote. The opposition knew it would not win and so it put its focus on messing up the system

They must be at it again to ensure the country gets into the crisis they have failed to create in the past three years from the days of Okoa Kenya.

The Jubilee nation must be vigilant and alert. We cannot agree to be duped once again by the same people and must do everything necessary to protect our win, which by all indicators looks certain.

One thing that we must beware of is apathy in Jubilee strongholds.

We all know NASA is aware they cannot win as they do not have the numbers to challenge Uhuru. Their goal is to tire and demoralise the Jubilee nation through endless court battles as well as oppose IEBC plans.

To avoid further embarrassment, NASA wants to ensure the country fails to hold the election. Their plan is to have their leader Raila Odinga invited to the table to negotiate a shared government with Uhuru.

Instead of seeking to sell its agenda to Kenyans, like the President, NASA is asking people to donate to Raila’s candidature. All this to finance a man whose attempts for the top office have been rejected by Kenyans four times in 20 years.

The country is bigger than one individual. It is time Kenyans called Raila’s bluff with his undesirable tactics to force himself on the nation as a leader.

The election must go on as planned and as ordered by the Supreme Court. Kenyans must be ready to protect this their democratic right.

Kenyans are ready for the election rerun. If Raila is not ready to face Uhuru again, he should concede now and let the country move forward. In fact, the country can make good use of the billions of shillings that will be spent on this second election.

One man cannot hold 40 million Kenyans hostage.


Political and communications consultant.



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