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December 16, 2018

Embu IEBC officer charged for failing to protect ballot papers


A presiding officer in Embu has been charged with neglecting unused ballot papers.

Mary Wambeti, who was an officer for Kambo polling station in Manyatta constituency, is accused of failing to protect unused ballot papers with a tamper proof envelop.

She is said to have committed the offence on August 10 at Kaguru Boys School.

The court heard that some of the unused ballot papers were discovered at the tallying centre while unprotected and some were in a toilet.

She asked the court to grant her bail so she can be attending court from home instead of staying in custody.

Wambeti said she has three children who depend on her.

Chief magistrate Maxwell Gicheru granted her a bond of Sh100,000 with a similar surety or a cash bail of Sh50,000.

He directed that the accused be supplied with witness statements and other information the prosecution intends to use during the trial.

The matter will be heard on October 5.

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