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May 26, 2018

Election rigged in Bungoma

Let me share with you a sequence of events that I saw several times in the course of the August 8 general election.

It would begin with an announcement that Jubilee was holding a campaign rally somewhere within Bungoma county. And on that day, we would see about 10 buses, ferrying Jubilee supporters in their classic red T-shirts to the site where the rally was to be held. They would do this over and over again, from morning until around midday. Loud music and dancers would keep the crowd entertained.

By early afternoon, when the rally started, there would be a large crowd on that site, a sea of red. And the media would of course be there to record that “thousands of Jubilee supporters” had turned up to listen to Deputy President William Ruto, or even President Uhuru Kenyatta.

However, a strange thing would happen as soon as the rally was over. As the buses started to shuttle the “supporters” from wherever they had got them, within just 30 minutes, you would find the local shopping centre completely empty. Virtually all the people who had attended the rally would have been shipped back to wherever they had come from, proving they had not been locals at all.

So why would Jubilee go into all that trouble to generate a rented crowd at a political rally, to give the impression they had political support in a place that was most definitely “Ford-Kenya Damu” and where the real voters had categorically declared, “Jubilee tawe (Jubilee never)”.

Well, an ugly scheme lay behind this very expensive effort to create the illusion that Jubilee had support in Bungoma. Have a look at these results:

In Webuye West constituency, there are four wards. Of these, three were won by Ford-K MCA candidates. One seat was won by a Jubilee candidate in highly controversial circumstances.

All the same we are told that the MP is Dan Wanyama of Jubilee. And that Uhuru got a large number of votes in this constituency.

A similar pattern was revealed in Kimilili constituency, where we are told that Didimus Barasa was elected MP. In this case, not a single Jubilee MCA was elected.

Finally, in Sirisia constituency, we are told that the winner was a former junior serviceman of the Kenya Defence Force, who styles himself as “Major” John Waluke. And of the three wards in Sirisia, two were won by Ford-K MCA candidates, and only one was won by Jubilee, again very controversially.

Also, in this constituency, as in others, the total votes cast for MPs was well above those cast for other seats.

Successful campaigns in Kenya begin at the grassroots, with MCAs, who are the leaders closest to the people. When Jubilee only wins three MCA seats, and yet claims to have won parliamentary seats and to have garnered over 100,000 presidential votes, then you know there is something extremely fishy going on.

I would infer that there was a deliberate effort to fraudulently raise the total tally of these MPs, and to subsequently also allot to the Jubilee candidate, Uhuru, an equally fraudulent 100,000 or so votes in Bungoma.

All that shuttling of so-called ‘Jubilee supporters’ during the campaign period was intended all along to create a false impression of support for Jubilee to serve as a cover for the rigging of the parliamentary and presidential votes.

And to cap it all, former Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka has now been made Speaker of the Senate, supposedly as a ‘thank you’ for getting Uhuru so many votes in Bungoma.

Well, we are headed to a new presidential election, which this time will not allow for any rigging. No votes will be stolen this time round. We will see how many votes Lusaka delivers to Uhuru.


Tongaren MP and Ford Kenya secretary general


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