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May 27, 2018

Tekno Miles 'not affected' by ban on music videos shot abroad

Tekno Miles
Tekno Miles

Augustine Miles Kelechi, populary known as Tekno Miles, was in Kenya last weekend, where he graced the Wave event at the Ngong Racecourse grounds.

Asked if he was affected by the Nigerian government's move to ban music videos that are shot abroad, he told Word Is:

"It has not affected me because my last video, I shot it in Miami. It's a talk in progress. It didn't affect me in any way. You can't stop people from shooting music videos. They literally can't stop me. If they stop me it means they will stop everybody else and you can't."

Tekno said he has been meaning to do a collabo with Sauti Sol for a while now.

"Every time Sauti Sol and I link up and say we do a song, something happens, we are always going somewhere. I know Sauti Sol because we are friends and their music is really good," he said.

"I'm here now and if any Kenyan artiste is available and around, we will be around to kick it. Shaffie Weru knows how it goes down, so I'm sure something is gonna happen."

Talking about his song Panya, the singer, songwriter and producer said it does not mean what Kenyans think it does.

"In Nigeria, when you say 'Panya', it means sweet palm wine or a really fine girl. So when I say I'm singing this song for Panya, it means I'm singing for a really hot girl. (He Jokes) Or like in Kenya, for a very hot rat."

During his stay, the singer was unwell and was even forced to attend a press conference while taking medication, and had no much experience about Kenya.

"Somebody brought me medication and it really helped, and the drugs for malaria are good."

So, what does the future hold for Tekno?

"My future as an artiste is to make money, be happy and help the world around me."

The singer, who is also one of the best writers, decline to discuss his work for other artistes.

"I don't want to disclose any song I have written or produced," he said. "I don't mention anybody's songs that I have worked on, it is what it is. I just know I make good music."

Asked what he would be if not a singer, he said:

"I would be a footballer."


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