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June 25, 2018

L-Jay Maasai lands deal to represent Pacho

L-Jay Maasai
L-Jay Maasai

LJ Maasai, who also identifies himself as The Real Ndawo, decided to choose the gospel industry to launch his career in music. He was a soulful RnB singer but he found his calling in gospel.

He told Word Is: "Groove has helped me gain a lot, and even as we speak, I signed as the brand ambassador of the gospel branch under Pacho Entertainment yesterday. You are hearing this for the first time, and so this is an exclusive."

This came up when he was asked what he thinks about artistes who have not been nominated for Groove Awards, despite their hard work and previous nominations.

LJ said that once someone has won artiste of the year, "what more is there to win?" He said artistes should appreciate their journey in Groove and the recognition and once they get awards, they should pave way for the upcoming artistes.

He said gospel pays and denied the rumours he was kicked out of his apartment because of rent arrears.


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