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June 25, 2018

Trendsetter: Zeddie Loky: Redefining men's style

Zeddie Loky
Zeddie Loky

You might have heard people make the specious premise that men'swear lacks diversity. The truth is, compared to women'swear, men might not enjoy as much variety. However, fashion-forward men will always find diverse ways to style up. High-fashion designers, too, have made sure that there's a variety to pick from.

Zedekiya Lukoye, better known as the Zeddie Loky, is a Kenyan designer who is transforming menswear around the world. If you don't know his line, NarokNYC, you are missing out on what's hot. His designs are worth noticing and having in your closet. 

The internationally recognised designer began his career by opening a store in Kenyatta market, where he designed jeans. He was fortunate to meet the right people, who propelled his career in the right direction. He was invited to the African Fashion Week in New York, where he was ranked among the best designers. 

He has reported having interned for the renowned designer Alexander Nash, and takes pride in having dressed A-listers, such as Stevie J, Jamie Foxx, Lebron James, Nick Canon and Derrick Williams. 

Picking models is a major aspect of putting together runways and look-books, but the well-regarded designer could perhaps model his own brand. He has regularly stirred up the fashion world with his trendy looks, and is a 2016 Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards winner.

He debuted his line NarokNYC this year in Nairobi in an all-male runway, where top creatives in Kenya walked the show. His designs were a triumphant return into the country as a designer who has mastered his craft.

Zeddie's artistry is heavily influenced by the African culture, as is evident in his NarokNYC ensembles. He is known to use locally found fabric to create his designs. This way, he prides himself in making something nobody has done before, and he stands to be counted among the top players in the fashion scene. 

From his collection, you can tell that he shrugs off the frenetic pace demanded by the market, and instead takes a gradual, artisan approach to achieve such great quality. He is going places, and, judging from his passion to create, we should expect to see more quality attire coming from him.


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