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June 25, 2018

Take massive action against hate mongers now

Unless action is taken against serial hate speech offenders, the law will continue to be broken.

It is not as if the National Cohesion and Integration Commission and its chairman Francis Kaparo should keep reminding politicians of the influence they wield among the public, yet no prohibitive steps are taken against people who do not learn. Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria and Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu have not been successfully prosecuted for their utterances and Facebook postings. 

The fact remains that they are hate mongers and inciters who do not read Chapter Six of the Constitution or do not care about it. Chapter Six discusses, among other things, Leadership and Integrity; the responsibilities of leadership; and the conduct of State officers.

The last thing Kaparo did this week was hold a press conference at which he merely slapped hate mongers on the wrist.

It was a good move for Jubilee leadership, through secretary general Raphael Tuju, to condemn Kuria’s utterances and Facebook postings.

However, what millions of law-abiding Kenyans want to see is offenders prosecuted and punished.


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