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February 20, 2018

Raverend Reloaded: Snake stunt steals the show from Supreme soap opera

Two suspected car thieves dance naked outside Yeshua Clinic in Bamburi on Wednesday
Two suspected car thieves dance naked outside Yeshua Clinic in Bamburi on Wednesday

So we back to square 8th of August... The day Kenyans woke up nice and early, lined up and decided to go to the various polling stations and vote for their preferred candidates in the general election... What Kenyans didn’t anticipate was that the voting wasn’t the end of the election but the beginning of Siasa Manenos that’s here to stay. Siasa that is not only threatening the future of our kids who are sitting for end-year exams but might also force Xmas to be postponed, if we allow politicians who are drunk in Siasa to decide our future...

Politics is so nauseating that from the gate manager, aka the soldier/watchies, to that CEO bonoko, all are just discussing it 24/7... Kenyans are just rumbling on en on about the same shit... You switch on the TV, you get the tired-ass political analysts trying to sound smart... You buy the papers and in the headlines, it’s more Siasa... You go to the house of worship, more Siasa, with a twist of religion... And worse still, my barman has become that angry guy who now hates certain people from a certain ethnic background because of their political affiliation...

#TheRaverend is even considering drinking in friendly bars or in the house. I can’t deal with getting spiked/mchelewaaad by some waiter/waitress because of Siasa!!! With less than 40 days to the repeat elections... I’m busy watching the soap opera that is Supreme Siasaree, with lead actor NASA Alehandro, Jubilee Iglesias and IEBC Pedro... All the actors have demands, acting like big babies throwing tantrums like nobody's business...

As #TheRaverend goes about his drinking and partying, disturbing the beautiful girls of Nairobi... He's also encouraging Kenyans to be ready and come out in big numbers on the 17th, beat that vote and also protect it with your life, because we can’t afford to postpone Christ’s birthday #ChristmasIssaAvibe...

Big S/O to the people of Mombasa for their theatrics... Naked men doing acrobatics with a snake, witchcraft, etc... I welcome such news any day over politics... The fake naked witch doctors of Bamburi made the country breathe and forget Siasa for a minute... As for the cops who arrested the naked men and the snake... They need to understand one thing: that’s what we call Experiential Marketing... If they don’t get it, ask a friend or call Sultan, I’m sure he can elaborate...

Tekno has officially landed in the country, so this weekend, let’s put politics aside and catch #TheWave with Tekno-Miles @ the Ngong Racecourse waterfront!!! The event is happening tonight. If you haven’t got your tickets from Ticket Sasa, not to worry, because you can buy at the gate from 6pm tonight, we go Raaaarraaa en Pan with Diana and Samantha. So catch #TheRaverend on the loose at the Tekno Concert... Let’s ignore Siasa for just one weekend!!!

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