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June 25, 2018

Trendsetter: Avril's credible transition


Avril, real name Judith Mwangi, has been many things in her 31 years: Singer, brand ambassador and actress. Entertainment has been a major part of her career. It's been over 10 years since she first landed on the scene as a musician, and it's taken a considerable amount of time to achieve what she has.

The artiste first gained popularity when she collaborated with Tanzanian AY on the track "Leo". Over the course of several singles and countless features, she somehow has managed to build her image and turn herself into a formidable brand. But it raises the eternal question: is her music worth the listen?

Her latest release "Baibee" featuring Ugandan artist A Pass confirms her position as a musician. Under scrutiny, if there's anything this track makes clear about Avril, it is that she is musically exhausted. Not much has changed about her delivery. Her music has long centred around romance and other related to topics, making it sound like you're listening to the same track all over again.

However, we can agree that she has received unanimous positive reviews when it comes to her screen performance as an actress. She debuted her acting career in 2011 in "Shuga: Love, Sex, Money" and has since played major roles in "Noose of Gold" and " Sumu La Penzi", which have brought her out better as a talented actress.

She has been taking on diverse supporting roles that have brought out her acting abilities. Her role in "Sumu La Penzi" brought her some newfound respect, and we expect to see her grace our screens in major projects in the future.

Until today, Avril's releases underwhelm. Although she might have a significant following that enjoys her music, it would be wise if she books her next acting gig. Her passion as an actress is tremendous, and she needs to make the best of it. 


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