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February 23, 2019

To Grow Your Influence, Lift Others

Employees at work. /FILE
Employees at work. /FILE

The American culture has mastered the art of mentorship. In every American cultural expression, you will easily find that those who have gone ahead are often ready to selflessly help the emerging. So, someone like the American billionaire, Warren Buffet, talks about how his professor,Benjamin Graham, helped him demystify and master the art of investing.

The leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, talks about when Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade (a massive movement in America), put his arm around him and told thousands of people, “John is a leader you can trust.” That simple act gave him instant credibility and skyrocketed his career.

Only secure leaders can effectively practice the art of mentorship. Many feel the need to protect their territory from those coming behind or end up competing with their proteges. They fail to realize that the system is set; it is the cycle of life.

Everyone will have to pass through – no one can stay on the stage permanently. At some point, others would have to play their role and it is wise to help the coming acts perform better than you did.

Effective leaders strive to set the stage for others to thrive. That way, their influence grows exponentially. Ask the comedian, Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki. He started out as a single act. But now, The Churchill Show is an effective platform for other Kenyan comedians to grow and flourish. Thereby, creating a comedy industry that did not exist years ago.

The veteran realized that carving out his own little island would limit his influence. Today, The Churchill Show is a system of influence that can easily be sustained with or without its founder. Churchill decided to lift other comedians.

To practice this principle, you must be intentional about it. As a leader in your industry, you must consciously make a quality decision to lift others. This decision will open your eyes to the opportunities around you. Suddenly, you will be able to identify those who you must lift. Remember, someone lifted you. Now, it is time to pass it on.

Furthermore, you must be ready to pour yourself out. How? Selflessly teach what you know and gladly offer your platform to your proteges.

If you are not ready to teach, mentorship cannot occur. If you are not ready to trust those whom you teach to practice on your platform, mentorship cannot succeed.

If you’re not ready to pour yourself into others to help them grow, mentorship is non-existent.

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